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Landon Beacock is a graduate of the

Fleming College Arboriculture and Urban Forester program. Since graduating in 2008, Landon furthered his education and became a certified Utility Arborist. In 2008, equipped with a new degree and an entrepreneurial spirit, Landon opened his own business and Landon's Tree Service was born.

Landon is passionate about his line of work. He thrives on various challenges that are presented to him through the countless tree jobs he has managed. As the business has grown, Landon has recruited an outstanding crew of dedicated workers and enjoys seeing his business grow.

Landon's commitment to serving his community is at the core of his personal values. For several years, Landon has served on the board of directors of the Port Perry Agricultural Fair. Since 2018, Landon's Tree Service has hosted a lumberjack show at the fair, where Landon himself and other arborists compete in friendly competitions such as pole climbing, wood chopping, and axe throwing. Landon supports Port Perry's Downtown BIA with the installation of Christmas lights and Remembrance Day banners. Landon's Tree Service additionally supports local charitable organizations, such as local hockey teams and golf events, the Durham Walk for ALS, Port Perry's community dog park, the Care and Share Permaculture Garden, and the local home show. Landon's Tree Service was voted Reader's Choice in 2019 for Best Tree Service in the Port Perry Star newspaper. 

A personable, community-minded man, Landon enjoys meeting new customers. He likes chatting with people and makes the effort to understand their needs so that he may offer them the best options for their trees. Landon loves being an arborist, and is dedicated to his customers and his business.

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